Acing your Dissertation Proposal

Acing your Dissertation Proposal

A dissertation proposal is much different from a one-off assignment. While an assignment may test your knowledge and skills about specific topic/s of your course, a dissertation proposal requires the students to utilize all the skills learned during the entire duration of the course. Even the slightest of weakness are exposed and aggravated while preparing a dissertation proposal. Apart from an in-depth research of the topics involved, an impressive dissertation proposal also tests the writing skills of the student. There are a number of critical points that need to be followed to come up with an emphatic dissertation proposal. Some of them are-

  • A paragraph must have at least 2 sentences. There must be no single line paragraph.
  • You must be careful with your tenses while writing about researches. Only if the research has been concluded in the past must you use past time. The research work happening at the present and continuing in the future must be mentioned with proper tenses.
  • You must ensure that you use ‘third person’ approach while writing the proposal. Usage of ‘We’, ‘I’ and ‘You’ is strictly prohibited in a proposal
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Apart from the above mentioned tips, there are a number of other guidelines which need to be followed for a sound dissertation proposal. For a student, keeping all these in mind all the time can be a tough task. Consulting the expert assignment writers at Allessay can just be the perfect solution to your issues. These experts have been preparing such proposals for years and have aced the art of dissertation proposals from various fields.

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