How can you assist me?

Getting assistance with your work from Allessays is facile, secure and guaranteed to get you hit big.

  • Send us your essay, dissertation, coursework or assignments; related questions and problems by filling in the form online on the ORDER NOW page.
  • Through email we will send you a confirmation along with your quote and shall ask for payment only when we have a competent committed researcher on board for your work.
  • Once payment is done we will allot your brief to the most proficient tutor.
  • The researcher then will draft the ideal model that will meet your precise expectations.
  • Our professional ingrained tutors will take necessary quality check and run a plagiarism scan on your work.
  • The completed work will be swiftly delivered right to your e-mail.

Why select Allessays over any other service provider?

All our researchers are based in UK. We align academics and professional researchers solely from the top universities of UK. We offer you a perfect blend of experience and expertise which is peerless from all the competitors in the market. We bring you quality work at fair and competitive price with tried and tested processes. With excellent customer support service, your queries never go unanswered.

Can I customise my order?

You can customised your order specifying a number of variables such as the title to be answered, referencing style to be used along with the word count. For hitting nail on head you can be specific and with the style, exact structure and a particular source of researchers to utilise.

Will I get copy-paste work from the internet?

Plagiarism at Allessays is a sin and we never commit it. We provide you with the most authentic and genuine work. After your order is received from the assigned researcher, it is handed over to the after-care team where your work is checked, proof read and ensured to that it meets your requirements. To make sure that your order is 100% original, we run it through a plagiarism check.

Will I get revision on my document if I need it?

As per the feedback- we can revise the document. However, the feedback should not deviate from the actual scope specified. Comprehensive feedbacks are always welcome.

Can I get my dissertation customised chapter by chapter?

Yes, we offer chapter by chapter delivery of your dissertation.

I am stuck with a part of my dissertation. Can you help me?

If you don’t wish for a full custom dissertation, but are struggling with some part of it- we will still most certainly help you. Our support is available for:



Background Research





Literature Review



The paper that you develop for me- will you resell it?

We will never resell your paper because we guarantee 100% privacy and confidentiality of the document.

How will you ensure my paper is original?

To ensure plagiarism free model papers we follow three steps:

  • We enlist not only the best writers but those who have manifested record of maintaining the highest academic probity.
  • Our writer will completely document all references through in text citations and a free reference page.
  • We run your work through anti-plagiarism software to spot any signs of plagiarism.

The Outcome: A completely original and authentic plagiarism free paper.

Will an anti-plagiarism software detect any traces of plagiarism?

Any other anti-plagiarism software will not detect any traces of plagiarism as our custom papers are completely original. We guarantee the originality of our papers.

Will you take care of the entire required research?

Yes, we accomplish all the research work as required and necessary. On the order form you can mention specifically what you want us to do. We will assign your paper to someone who has wide ken and understanding of the subject material and draft the model paper as per your expectations. Subsuming a list of required sources in the paper is always welcome. Complex, rigid, flexible, long or short- all your requirements are taken care off. You can then use the model papers to craft your papers.

Can you help me? I need my dissertation in a week!

Yes, we can help you by writing a custom dissertation in less than a week. It is chargeable extra.

Is your service confidential?

We respect your virtue and all the details will be kept fully confidential. We adhere to Data Protection Acts and are liable to keep all order details confidential. Nothing is disclosed or is shared with any third party. We promise to do everything to protect your privacy and never ask for unnecessary details.

Is this service legal?

Our service is completely legal. We provide writing services for assistance purpose only. Our preponderance customers avail our services again and again and are delighted with our ability to offer necessary academic support.

How do you guarantee complete satisfaction?

If you are not satisfied with the work delivered to you, you can return the model papers and ask to create a new paper at no extra cost.

When and how do I pay you?

Fill out our order form or simply email your project brief to us. Include all the information so that our researcher can fully understand your requirements. Our experienced consultants will look into your order and an order confirmation with your quote will be sent to you via email. If we have any questions regarding your order we will call you. We will only request payment if and when we have a confirmed researcher for your work. We no longer accept payment after delivery.

What are the subjects you specialise in?

The subject areas we specialise in are as follows: Accounting, Anatomy And Physiology, Animation, Anthropology, Archaeology, Architecture, Art, Beauty Therapy, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Childcare, Classics, Communications, Computer Science, Constructions, Criminology, Cultural Studies, Design, Drama, Economics, Education, Engineering, English Language, English Literature, Environmental Studies, Estate Management, European Studies, Fashion, French, Film Studies, Finance, General Studies, Geography, German, Health, History, Housing, Human Rights, Information Systems, IT, International Relations, International Studies, Journalism, Law, Leisure Management, Linguistics, Management, Marketing, Mathematics, Mechanics, Media, Military, Music, Nursing, Philosophy, Photography, Physical Education, Physics, Physiology, Politics, Project Management, Property, Psychology, Religion, Sciences, Social Policy, Social Work, Spanish, Sports, Statistics, Teaching, Theatre, Theology, Tourism and Translation.

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