Looking for Research Material in the Right Places

Looking for Research Material in the Right Places

There is an extremely fine line between research and copying. While the former wins you accolades, if you follow the latter, you would end up earning the tag of ‘plagiarism’. There is no dearth of information thanks to the Internet but there are only a handful of sources that are credible and authentic enough to be quoted in the all important assignments. Zeroing in on such resources can be a tough task to say the least.

Specific University libraries are always considered as a much more credible source of information as compared to the open and free world of internet. You can have a thorough look at the Library catalogue to begin with. After you end up with a Book in your hand, you must take a note of the author and the publisher of the book. Spend a minute looking for the past record of the author and the publisher. A sound past record of the author and publisher must be a prerequisite.

You must also test the book/information on the parameter of Objectivity. Ask yourself ‘Is the author unbiased towards the topic’, ‘Is he/she presenting the facts in a neutral manner’? Only if the answer to these questions in yes, must you proceed further with this book.

All these pointers can be heavy on the students who are new to research assignments. A helping hand in the form of the expert assignment writers at AllEssays.co.uk can be a big boon for the students. Taking the assignment’s load off the students’ back is just what our experts are best at!

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