Quality versus Quantity the Battle of What to Choose!

Quality versus Quantity the Battle of What to Choose!

The battle between two Qs (Quality & Quantity) is never ending! A number of debates have taken place on this topic and many more will take place in the future. While there is no black or white answer to this questions, finding the perfect spot in the grey area holds the key for the students to achieve optimum grades. No sensible person would ever advice you to concentrate on only one of the Qs and completely neglect the other. With all the assignments and reports coming with a prescribed word limit, the students do not need to put their brains to work to decide the word limit themselves. An ideal assignment must fall somewhere in between the range of +- 50 words of the prescribed limit.

The Quality, on the other hand, must never be compromised irrespective of the word limit. But we understand that it is extremely difficult for the students to maintain the same flow of writing all through a long assignment. In such situations, you must use authentic and credible data wherever you are losing the flow of writing. Such information can enhance the readers’ interest in your assignment, along with adding authenticity to the writing.

Striking just the perfect balance can be tough for students as it requires years of experience and expertise. This is where the expert academic writers at AllEssay.co.uk come into the picture. Comprising of the best academic writers in the UK, the team at All Essay has been walking on this fine line between quality and quantity for a number of years now.

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