Struggling with course work: Making it easy

Struggling with course work: Making it easy

Coursework is the best chance for the students to flaunt their knowledge and skills. And still, a number of students fail to exhibit their knowledge at this all important stage. There are a number of reasons behind this shortcoming. University life is much more than just classes and when these things start taking a toll on the students, the deterioration in the coursework is evident.
University life can easily be overwhelming. With things like University clubs & societies, life outside University and a part time job occupying the mind, coursework takes a back seat. However, if you keep these points in mind, you might just be able to balance all these things together –

  • Set a specific time slot and do not compromise on it – Everyone likes being ‘flexible’ and this is the excuse we give to ourselves when we don’t want to make a timetable. Keeping a separate slot for the coursework is essential as it inculcates discipline in the students. However short or long it may be, make sure that you adhere to it all the times without any excuses.
  • Stay away from Plagiarism – As tempting as it may look at first, copying published work without giving due credit can land you into big trouble. Charges of plagiarism can destroy your career! Stay away from this at any cost.

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