Terms and Condition

Agency’s Terms and Conditions of Sale

By using the services listed at Allessay.co.uk, and agreeing to take the help of our experts, you agree to have carefully read through the below mentioned terms & conditions and give your complete assent to them. All these following terms are an indispensible part of our privacy policy:

1. The Agreement regarding the Agency’s service for the Customer (‘you’)

1. Allessays.co.uk is a liaison between the qualified writing experts and the customers. It facilitates the selling of original work of the experts to their customers.
2. Allessays.co.uk is given the responsibility of indentifying an expert (the “Expert”) by the customers. The chosen expert needs to undertake research and other means to successfully complete the task (“Work”) and submit it to the Customer during the term of the agreement in adherence with the agreed terms and guidelines.
3. The Agency reserves the right to accept or reject any order. In case of a rejected order, the customer would be refunded with all the payment made with respect to that assignment.
4. The quotes regarding the delivery timings and the prices mentioned on Allessays.co.uk are elucidatory. In case the customer disagrees with the price and delivery commitment quoted by the Agency, any advance paid by the customer in context of the order in question, would be refunded to the customer.
5. This agreement also covers all the remedies offered to the customers, in case he/she is not satisfied with the final product delivered by the expert.
6. Under no circumstances would the Customer be allowed to establish a direct contact with the Expert. The Agency will play the role of a liaison between the Expert and the Customer for all sorts of communication.

2. Terms of Appointment

1. The agreement signed between the Agency and the Customer shall only come into force after both the below mentioned prerequisites are fulfilled – (i) the availability of a suitably qualified expert for the Customer’s order is established by the agency. (ii) The Agency has received the payment from the Customer.
2. Except in the situation where the agreement has been terminated by either of the parties, the duration of the agreement between the Parties will extend till the expiry of the time period sanctioned for amendments.
3. The agreement would stand terminated if any of the following clauses are breached – Plagiarism (clause – 7), Data Protection (clause – 8), Paid Amendments (clause – 10.5), Refunds and Payment Up Front (clauses -12, 14, 15) and Copyright (clause – 16).

3. Services offered by the Agency

1. The Agency will assign the Customer’s order to the most suitable expert possessing the required qualifications necessary to handle the research and/or assessment services needed by the Customer.
2. After allocating the work to a well qualified expert and receiving the payment from the customer, the Agency would also need the customer to acknowledge that the Order is binding and the Agency would not be liable to make any refunds in case of the cancellation of order thereafter.
3. Upon the acceptance of the deposit by the Agency, the Customer agrees to pay the outstanding balance at least 24 hours before the due date of the order. The delivery of the order may be delayed if the customer does not adhere to this clause.

4. Co-operation between the parties

1. It is imperative that the Customer shares all the accurate facts and briefings regarding the order with the agency and the expert. Any discrepancies in the information would result into lowering of the quality of final product.
2. On its part, the Agency will ensure that utmost care is taken while handling the order of the customer. Apart from choosing the best available expert to fulfil the order, the Agency would also ensure a smooth communication between the Customer and the Expert. The Agency expects the same from the Customer. The Customer must provide all the relevant information useful for the Expert at the beginning of the transaction. The Customer must also ensure a swift communication is case any information is required during the course of the agreement.
3. If the Customer fails to provide such necessary information or guideline during the course of the agreement, it may cause a delay in the delivery of the final product. Also, in such cases, the Agency will not be held accountable for the losses caused due to such delays in delivery of the Work. The ‘Completion on Time Guarantee’ will fail to apply under such cases.

5. Authority & Approvals

1. If and when the Agency or the Expert requires any further information or confirmation regarding an important point, the Agency will contact the Customer only using the telephone number or the email addresses provided by the Customer at the time of assigning the work.
2. The instructions given to the Agency via these contact channels would be considered as authentic by the Agency and the Agency would take them as instructions from the Customer.

6. “Completion on Time Guarantee” for delivery

1. The deadline for the submission of work by the Agency is midnight on the due date, as mentioned in the agreement. If the due date falls on a Non working day, such as a Sunday, Bank Holiday, Boxing Day, Christmas Day or New Year’s Day, the deadline would be assumed to be midnight of the following day.
2. All the work accepted by the Agency will be completed by the Expert and delivered to the customer on time, failing which, the company will refund the Customer’s money without any deductions. Also, in such a case, the Agency would deliver the Work for free.
3. This clause does not hold true if the Agency can prove that the Work was completed and delivered to the customer before the agreed deadline.
4. The Agency can’t be held accountable for any delivery delays caused by technical issues due to third parties. Some of these may include Failures at the end of Internet Service Providers, Mail Account Providers and technical issues at the end of the Hosting Providers.
5. If such technical issues due to the third party services arise at the Agency’s end, the Agency would provide the customers with a full proof of the problem to all the extent possible. In case the Agency fails to do so, it would honour and abide by the clauses in its ‘Completion On Time Guarantee’ in full.
6. In case the Customer fails to receive the Work before the agreed due date, and he/she agrees to establish contact with the Agency through the Customer Control Panel the next day in order to overcome the technical difficulties being faced, the Agency will provide him/her a representative who would be responsible for assisting him/her through the Customer Control Panel or the phone, as per customer’s preference, until the customer successfully receives the work. If requested by the customer, the Agency will also provide adequate proof, showing that the Work was uploaded on time from the Agency’s end.
7. In case of non-delivery of the work on time, if the Customer doesn’t contact the agency the next day to inform the Agency and waits for some days, the Agency won’t be held liable for any delay caused by the Customer. If the customer makes a request, adequate proof of timely completion and delivery would be provided to the Customer by the Agency. Or, as the case may be, the Agency would provide the proof of the technical difficulties occurring due to the third party which prevented the Work from reaching the customer on time. In case the Agency successfully proves at least one of the above cases, it won’t be liable to pay any refund or discount to the customer. On the other hand, if the Agency fails to prove any of these events, it will provide a complete refund to the customer and provide the work for free. The Customer, on his/her part, cannot take any other route to settle this matter.
8. If the delay in the delivery of the work is caused by customer’s actions, such as failure to pay the outstanding balance in a timely manner, failing to provide some necessary information with regards to the work, the clause of ‘the Completion on Time Guarantee’ stands void and the Agency would not be held responsible for the delay or any losses caused as a result.
9. In case of a ‘staggered delivery’, as agreed by the customer in consultation with the Expert, ‘the Completion on Time Guarantee’ corresponds to the final delivery date of the Work, rather than applying to the part components.

7. No Plagiarism Guarantee worth £5,000

1. This clause of ‘£5,000 No Plagiarism Guarantee’ is applicable in case the Customer finds any plagiarism in the final product submitted by the expert.
2. In such cases, the Expert will be liable to pay £5,000 to the customer.
3. The following comes under the purview of ‘Plagiarism’:
1. When the expert takes the credit for someone else’s words
2. When the expert takes the credit for someone else’s ideas
3. When the expert re-drafts some published information while retaining the original ideas and doesn’t give due credit to the original source
4. When the expert doesn’t put quotes in quotation marks
5. When the expert copies a considerably large section of already published work, even if he/she gives due credit to the source
6. When the expert fails to provide the correct information regarding the source of a quotation. For instance, if the expert cites a source that was originally found by the real author and he/she doesn’t possess a copy of the same
7. When the expert alters some words while keeping the original sentence structure intact, and doesn’t give credit for the same
4. In cases where there is a considerable doubt over whether the Customer’s allegations of Plagiarism are correct or not, the Agency will intervene and review such allegations by consulting and involving a highly qualified expert. After a thorough examination, the Agency would come out with the verdict. The Agency’s decision would be considered as final and binding on all parties.
5. Instances where the Customer clearly requested the Expert to integrate material in such a manner that would otherwise be considered as Plagiarism are outside the purview of being considered as ‘Plagiarism’.
6. The cases wherein the detected Plagiarism is negligible and is certain to have been caused by mistake, the sum of £5,000 is not payable.
7. In case the Expert asserts that the detected Plagiarism was caused due to a mistake, the power of taking the final decision would lie with the Agency. The Agency will take into consideration all the relevant circumstances, along with keeping in mind the past record of the Expert while working with the Agency. The Agency would also consult a qualified expert before arriving at the final decision about whether the expert must be held accountable for the monetary penalty or not.
8. Instances where the customer is informed about the detected plagiarism by the Agency before the same is detected by the customer, the ‘£5000 No plagiarism guarantee’ won’t hold true. In all such cases, the customer would be provided with a rewrite.
9. In all the cases where the expert responsible for plagiarism fails to pay the £5,000 compensation, the Agency will intervene and provide all the necessary support to the Customer. The Agency would provide the customer with of a copy of the contract signed between the Agency and the expert, along with other details of the Expert such as his/her name and address, so that the Customer can pursue the case further on his/her behalf. The Agency, under no condition, would be held responsible for paying the £5,000 plagiarism compensation award to the customer. Although, in cases where the Agency has concluded that the customer must be paid the compensation, the Agency would withhold all the payments due to the Expert until the Expert has paid the £5,000 plagiarism compensation to the Customer. If the Agency becomes a part of the litigation, it can pay this reserved sum to the Court as well.

8. Data Protection Clause

1. All the details and information shared by the customer regarding the work and the payment at the time of placing the order would be securely stored by the Agency on a well maintained database. These details would not be shared with any external party.
2. The Agency would not disclose any personal data or information of the Customer, apart from the ones required by any lawful authority.
3. The privacy policy of the Agency has been meticulously drafted keeping in mind the Data Protection Act.

9. Seeking Amendments in the Work in Progress

1. Once the payment has been made by the customer and the work has been assigned to the chosen expert, the customer may not demand any alterations.
2. Post the complete payment, the customer can share extra information regarding the work with the expert, while keeping in mind that this information must not create any discrepancy with the information earlier provided by the customer.
3. In cases where the Customer adds extra information after making full payment and this does create a considerable discrepancy in the original Order, the Agency may ask for a new quote depending upon the added specification. The Agency can also reallocate the Order to another expert without waiting for the assent of the customer. This may also cause a delay in the delivery of the final product. In such cases, the Agency would not be held responsible for this delay. Also, the ‘Completion on Time’ Guarantee would stand void in such cases.

10. Seeking Amendments in the Completed Orders

1. In all the cases where the Customer feels that the final product is not in adherence to the exact instructions given the customer or the expectations set by the Expert, the Customer may ask for certain amendments to the final product within 7 days of the delivery of the work. This time period of 7 days can also be extended if the customers have additionally paid for the extension of the amendments period. All such amendments would be made completely free of charge by the expert.
2. Using the Customer Control Panel, the customer can register one request, which must include all the desired amendments to the work. If the expert finds the request as ‘reasonable’, he/she will make the requisite changes and return the edited product to the Customer within a period of twenty-four hours. In case of a major amendment, the Expert may also request for some additional time to make the required amendments. Granting such extensions is at the sole discretion of the customer.
3. In the cases where the Expert is not in agreement with the Customer’s request for amendments, the expert would send his/her views in the form of comments on the request. If no agreement is reached between the Expert and the Customer with respect to the amendments, the matter would be transferred to the Quality control team of the Agency. The verdict of this team would be final and binding on both the parties. The team can also refer the matter to another qualified expert. In such a case, the power of the final verdict is transferred to that expert.
4. If the customers’ demands for amendments are not met satisfactorily by the expert, the Customer can raise a request again regarding the amendment. The customer is allowed to raise such requests till his/her demand for amendment has been paid heed to.
5. Cases where the request for amendment falls beyond the specification of the original order given by the customer, the Expert is well within his/her rights to offer a quote for making such changes, and the Customer may choose to accept or reject such a quote.

11. Fees charged for the Work

1. The amounts charged for the work, as mentioned on the Agency’s website, are an aggregate of the Agency’s commission charges, the charges given to the Experts and the VAT, as applicable.
2. If the amendment demanded by the customer is beyond the original scope of the order, the Expert may quote an additional fee for the revision. In such cases, the Agency’s commission would also change depending upon the new quote given by the Expert.

12. Refund Policy

1. In the condition of a full or part refund, the Agency would reimburse the Customer using the same credit or debit card used by the customer to make the payment. If the customer didn’t use any card originally, the customer can opt for a refund via Streamline or in the form of a credit note which could be adjusted in a future order.

13. VAT (Value Added Tax)

1. All the prices quoted by the Agency are inclusive of VAT, wherever applicable, based on the current rate.

14. Payment terms

1. If the Agency hasn’t taken the payment from the customer initially at the time of order, the Agency will get in touch with the customer via email for the payment as soon as it finds an experienced and well qualified expert, capable of fulfilling the order.
2. If the Agency decides to accept only a part deposit from the customer instead of the full value of Order, the Customer has to pay the remaining balance to the Agency on a date earlier than the delivery deadline of the Work.
3. Once the customer has paid for an Order and an Expert has been identified the same, the Order, under no circumstances, may be refunded. Till the time Customer has paid for the order, the Customer has the option of either continuing with the Order or cancelling the same.
4. The Customer has to abide by the refund policy of the Agency. Also, keeping in mind the highly personalized nature of the services, a full refund would only be offered to the customer based on the circumstances mentioned in these terms. In all other related cases, the amount of refund to be offered is at the complete discretion of the Agency.
5. All these terms go together with the terms mentioned under ‘Payment Up Front’ (Clause – 15)

15. Payment Up Front

1. In order to officially allocate the work to the expert, the Agency would ask the customer for an advance payment.
2. If the Agency is not sure whether it would be able to secure an expert for the said order, it won’t ask for an advance payment from the customers.
3. An upfront payment by the customer to the Agency is no guarantee of finding an adequate expert for the work.
4. In all such cases where the Agency fails to allocate the work to a suitably qualified expert, the Agency would offer a complete refund of the payment made by the customer upfront.

16. Copyright of the work submitted by the Agency

1. For any work submitted by the Agency and completed by an expert, the Customer can’t claim to have the copyright.
2. The Agency, experts and all other employees of the Agency condemn Plagiarism in all forms. If the Agency finds that the customer has a past record of indulging into activities related to Plagiarism, it may deny its services to the customer. All the work supplied by the Agency to the Customer is prepared by qualified experts who undertake independent research so as to help students sharpen their educational and research skills. Therefore, no work submitted by the Agency to the Customer can be termed as Customer’s own work or anyone else’s work. Additionally, the Customer can’t distribute, resale or distribute the work considering that the customer doesn’t have any copyright over the work.
3. In case the Agency is of the view that any part of the work supplied by the Agency is being used by the customer in such a manner that it violates the above rules, the Agency would be within its rights to deny any further work to the customer or anyone else involved in the act. Also, the Agency would not be held responsible for any outcomes due to this unauthorised use.
4. Any work supplied to a Customer by the Agency will never be resold or distributed to any other Customer. No part of the work will be put on any website or other related sources.

17. 2.1 First Time Guarantee of the Level Requested by the customer

1. In case the Customer orders the work to adhere to the 2.1 standard, the Agency will ensure that the final delivered work meets the required standard.
2. Once the work has passed the indigenous Quality control processes of the Agency, the work is taken as adhering to the requisite standards of quality.
3. In all such cases where the customer is convinced that the work is not in adherence to the 2.1 quality standard, the customer needs to submit a credible and authentic proof of the same in order to dispute it. This submission of proof needs to be done within 7 days of the delivery of work.
4. After the Customer successfully submits such proof within the specified time frame, the Agency will take over the matter and consult a qualified expert to make an informed decision, while keeping in mind all the prevailing circumstances.
5. In all such cases where the Customer possesses a credible proof of the work not adhering to the 2.1 standard, he/she must submit the same swiftly. The turnaround time taken by the customer would be considered by the Agency while arriving at the final decision. Additionally, the Agency assures the customer that all such proofs would be held confidential.
6. If the reason for below quality standard work is the requests made by the customers in the Order specification, and if the Agency is of the view that in case if these specifications wouldn’t have been in place, the work would have met the standard of the quality ordered, no refund would be offered to the customer.
7. If the reason behind below standard work is found to be the Customer’s requests in his/her Order specification, where in these requests were interpreted differently by the expert as a result of ambiguity, the customer would not be offered any refund.
8. Irrespective of the final decision reached by the Agency, it would provide a copy of detailed discussions and other information which would help the customer understand how the Agency reached to its decision. The customer would also be handed over the report of the expert involved in the work.
9. The above terms (1-8) are only applicable if the Customer specifically ordered the 2.1 standard quality for his/her work.

18. ‘No New Experts’ Guarantee by the Agency

1. The Agency does not allocate the work to any such expert whose performance hasn’t been put to the test at least thrice, through the other similar websites run by the Agency. Only the experts with a satisfactory performance on those websites are given a chance to work by the Agency.

19. Industry Leading Guarantees

1. In case the customer is able to find any other another genuine and authentic UK-based website that is offering and honouring guarantees that are better than the Agency in any manner, the Agency will match the guarantees offered by that said website. Additionally, in such cases, the Agency promises to submit the Customer’s order free of cost.

20. Agency’s ‘Writer Availability Guarantee’

1. In cases where the Expert chosen for working on the Customer’s order withdraws from the project before the due date or the completion of the project, the Customer will be paid back by the Agency. The Customer can also ask the Agency to get his/her order completed by some other qualified expert, or ask for a complete refund of all payments made with regards to this particular order.

21. ‘Try Before You Buy’ Guarantee

1. In cases where the customer has an order in excess of 10,000 words, he/she can request a free of cost 500 word sample that would be written by the Expert who would eventually write the entire order. This short sample would be related to the original order to give the customer a better idea of the expert’s writing skills.
2. Only after the customer pays for the order would he/she be eligible for a free 500 word sample. This sample will be written by the chosen Expert only.
3. If the customer is not satisfied with the free sample, he/she is free to request a different expert from the Agency.
4. If the Agency suspects that the Customer does not intend to work with the selected expert, it can deny the free sample to the customer.

22. ‘Help Locating Sources’ Guarantee

1. In all such projects where the journals used by the experts are inaccessible to the Customer, the Agency will make endeavours of providing a copy of the said journal to the Customer.
2. If a particular Book used by the Expert is inaccessible for the customer, the Agency, with the help of the expert, will try to provide all possible help in locating the same for the Customer.

23. Chapter by chapter delivery option

1. If the customer wishes, the expert would provide a Chapter by Chapter delivery of work to the customer as the project progresses.
2. In cases where the customer is yet to pay the complete outstanding balance, the Agency can deny this service to the customer.

24. Final Marks Earned

1. Any work, submitted by the Agency, can’t be claimed as customer’s own. The customer does not enjoy the copyright of the work submitted by the expert.
2. The quality standard chosen by the customer at the time of placing the order, in no way, guarantees any specific final grades to be achieved by the customer upon submission of the work at his/her institute.

25. General

1. The Agency’s working hours are as follows :
9am – 9pm Monday to Friday
10am – 7pm Saturday
The Agency is closed on all the ‘Non Working Days’. The Agency holds the right to offer any specific support or service on a ‘Non Working Day’.
2. Due to a high number of customers, the representatives of the Agency might not always be able to respond immediately to the telephone and email support requests. However, the Agency promises to respond to all the Customer’s requests swiftly and handle urgent requests on a priority basis.
3. If the Customer decides to depend upon the research undertaken by the Agency and the same causes a delay in the delivery of the final product, thereby missing the deadline, the Agency and the experts involved shall not be held accountable for the delay.
4. All the views mentioned by the employees and the Agency about the services offered to the customers are not forced on the customer. These only contain the personal views held by the Agency and its employees. Similarly, the views of the marketing professionals employed by the Agency are not derived from the Agency itself. The same can’t be taken as an accurate reflection of the Agency’s policies.
5. It is the Customer’s responsibility to cross check all the guidelines, regulations and rules issued by the University or his/her individual institute. The decision of the customer to use any of the Agency’s services is his/her own and the Agency (including all its employees) and the experts can’t be held responsible for any violation of the rules, guidelines of regulations framed by the institute regarding the same.
6. All the services offered by the Agency are subject to availability of a suitably qualified and reliable expert. The work submitted by the Agency is strictly for the purpose of academic support. The same can’t be perceived as any professional advice.
7. Although the Agency and the experts would make an earnest endeavour to provide state of the art work to the customer on all the occasions, there may be times when, due to human errors, slight inaccuracies may occur in the final product. In such cases, the Agency (and its employees) and the experts will not be held responsible for such errors. Also, to honour its commitment of providing high quality work to the students without exceptions, the Agency would offer free amendments and discounts as per the Agency’s policy.
8. If, at any instance, the Customer presents the Agency’s submission as his/her own work, either in part or whole, the agreement stand violated from the side of the customer. Thereafter, all the rights of the customer under these clauses would become void. It would be entirely upon the discretion of the company to provide any further remedy, if any, to the customer.
9. The final decision about entering into an agreement with the customer lies solely with the Agency. All the terms mentioned in this agreement (above & below) are subject to reservation.
10. At any point of time during the agreement, the Agency can forfeit the association with the Customer if it has enough reasons to believe that the Customer is plotting to use the final product supplied by the Agency against the ‘Fair Use Policy’ of the Agency.
11. All the terms & conditions mentioned in the agreement would stand legally binding starting from the date of Commencement of the agreement till the expiry of the agreement.
12. From the date of commencement of this agreement, the terms mentioned here will override all the previous agreements and understandings (written & oral included) between the Agency and the customer, if any.
13. The Agency doesn’t shortlist the experts for any work on the basis of any representation which is missing from these terms.
14. Keeping in mind the ‘Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999’ no one, who is not a party to the agreement, has any right to enforce the terms mentioned in the agreement.
15. The matters arising out of this agreement would come under the jurisdiction of the English courts. The terms mentioned in the agreement would be seen under the light of the English Law.
16. In case any of the terms mentioned in the Agreement stand void in the eyes of the law, the term(s) would be withdrawn from the agreement without any other alterations or modifications in the remaining part of the agreement.

26. Promotional Email Campaigns run by the Agency

1. In order to further support the customers, the agency also offers a number of student education related products including, and not limited to, plagiarism testing software, marking and proofreading services by the experts and past papers.
2. When your share your contact details with us, you are indicating that you do not object to the Agency contacting you via telephone, email, fax and/or SMS/MMS to share information about Agency’s goods, services or promotions, which may interest you.
3. As clearly mentioned in the Data Protection Notice, you will not receive more than 4 marketing communications in a month. Although, in real, the Agency hardly sends over one marketing communication message in a month. You can always opt out of these marketing communications.